Optimal Setlist

An algorithm I ran for my friend’s wedding to compute the optimal setlist, i.e. the setlist with the minimal number of musician changeovers. I used the Held-Karp algorithm. Link to the code is here.


The algorithm took around 7 seconds. And this time roughly doubles for every song we add (complexity is O(2^n n^2)). It seems I was very lucky with the number of songs chosen. Had we added like five more songs, this would have been intractable! Of course, when the cost is zero, the players can reshuffle their songs to their hearts’ desire, all within their miniset.

Songs Vocals Keys Bass Guitar Drums Cost
First dance JI BS       0
Let’s Stay Together (F)(*) JI BS DJ GW TL 3
Forget You (C) JI BS DJ GW TL 0
Crazy in Love (Dm)* JI JO DJ GW TL 1
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (E)* JI DA DJ GW TL 1
Backstreets Back (Bbm) JI DA DJ GW TL 0
Master Blaster (Cm)* HN DA DJ GW TL 1
Lady Marmalade (Gm) JI JW DJ GW TL 2
Isn’t She Lovely (E) JI JW DJ GW TL 0
Easy Lover (Fm) JI JW DJ GW AI 1
American Boy (E) JI JO GF DJ JW 2
Señorita (Gb)* JI DA GF GW JW 2
Somebody Else’s Guy (Abm)* HN JW GF GW AI 2
Runaway Baby (Eb) HN JO DH GW JW 2
Superstition (Em)* JI BS DH JS JW 3
Valerie (Eb)* JI BS DH JS AI 1
Respect (C)* JI BS DH JS AI 0
Play That Funky Music (Em)* JI BS DH JS AI 0
I Got You (I Feel Good)* JI BS DH JS AI 0
Ain’t Nobody (Ebm) JI BS DH JS AI 0
Treasure (Ab) JI JO DH JS AI 1
Locked Out Of Heaven (Dm) JI JO DH JS AI 0
Uptown Funk (D)* JI DA DH JS AI 1
Good Times (Em) JI DA DH JS TL 1
End           0
Total           24

Concluding thoughts

  • The poor trumpet player was not considered in the algorithm. They play on the song tracks containing “*”, and this information was simply ignored.
  • I added no cost for a musician to stay on stage, but change instruments
  • I’m reasonably happy with the way the key changes have organised themselves. Except, of course, the turn of Eb, Em, Eb, which regrettably occurs around the maximal changeover
  • This probably isn’t a complete coincidence

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